Strangers:Prey at night

The Strangers:Prey at night is a sequel to the 2008 movie titled just “The Strangers” about three masked killers who stalk a couple at their vacation home. This time around there following a family who is staying at a trailer park after Labor day weekend.

I’m always looking forward to a horror/thriller movie and I had this one on the docket for the last few weeks and scouting movie theaters looking for a screening full of people so the jump scares could be even more unnerving. Horror can be hard to critic sometimes only because a movie like this feels much more like a ride then an actual film, so I knew to some extent this wasn’t going be a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and to be fair I really think anyone who watches these movies have to look at from that perspective as well.

The main thing I noticed when I saw the trailer to this movie was it was getting a 80s treatment, neon lights and songs from the times I found it odd that a studio would take that angle to sell there movie since the first one was enough a hit that you could just sell that on own. Though it does get a 80s vibe it doesn’t take place in those times and the music is sporadic enough so it certainly doesn’t  beat you over the head with the concept.Of course that’s not without saying there are still many flaws to this movie, one of the biggest ones is the killers themselves always find someway to show up where this family is hiding even when it’s established that they couldn’t find them just a few seconds prior. Also Johannes Roberts who directed this is obviously a fan of older thrillers like “Texas Chainsaw” and “Friday the 13th” but I feel like what he thinks is an homage is actually just a bunch of scene reenactments of those films.
Overall this a fun slasher movie that you can watch to freak yourself out if your home alone. It’s also short enough when I saw this, my screening started at 7:21 and I was out of the theater at 8:41 so if your looking for that in a movie you can definitely enjoy this enough. I’m going to give The Strangers:Prey at night a “C”. If you like what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me at Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd @Cinemaflavor to see my thoughts on the latest news in the world of movies and reviews to other films.

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