Trailer Breakdown: Infinity War trailer 2

Thanks to Marvel for setting up this friday to be a good one! After they released the trailer to Avengers:Infinity war presale for tickets went up, I got my tickets and now i’m just eagerly waiting for april 27th to get here. Now much like i’ve done for other trailers in the past i’ll be breaking down what I noticed in the trailer and my opinions on what I saw, and just like the other trailers these are my own personal opinions and don’t reflect on what anyone else thinks of the trailer.


  • The trailer opens with an establishing shot of New York, the shot is flipped upside down I think to foreshadow the destruction. Plus the last trailer opened with Thano’s homeworld proving this movie will have a much bigger scale than any of the other MCU movies.


  • We get our first look at Gamora telling Tony about her father’s plan and motives and filling in that The Avengers are now aware of Thanos and his intentions before he arrives to earth.


  • Tony’s suit has gotten some major upgrades, the boosters on his feet can turn into one boost, but it’ll be interesting to see what other upgrades he has gotten in the weapon and defense category.


  • Captain America and Black Widow make there way to Wakanda with T’challa and Shuri giving them plans that have to do with Vision. I can only assume it has to do with the stone on his forehead but what would they want with it? my guess is for safety or possibly to use against Thanos.


  • The Guardians interacting with The Avengers was a nice touch it’s not clear exactly were there at i’m guessing on earth with some rubble around but its way to red and glowing. I’m assuming they’re on “Titan” Thanos homeworld, but with Spider man there it seems unlikely tony would bring young Peter on another mission away from home.


  • Iron man is all over this trailer, not only screen time wise but also with location the last trailer revealed that Tony, Dr. Strange, and Banner were going to be a team up, but now it looks like Tony is joining forces with the Guardians as well.


  • This major battle that’s going to go down in Wakanda gets some new light as the Wakandian warriors as well as Falcon are charging toward this force field. I know its a bit of a stretch but this seems to be an homage to the Gungans force field in Phantom Menace. I mean c’mon an army fighting in an open field toward a big blue force field tell me you don’t see it.


  • Big movies like this always have rapid editing but when you slow it down you can notice some major stuff going like the Hulk buster is also in on the fight at Wakanda and even the first reveals of the black order with Loki torturing Dr strange. plus we also see  Strange assisting Starlord in a fight in an earlier shot of the trailer. Even that big oracle in the first trailer crash lands somewhere. All key things im sure in the movie that i’m sure marvel wanted to sneak into the trailer.


  • Marvel always has that “were gonna trick you into thinking someone is going to die” shot it appears Thor is getting that treatment when Thanos is squeezing his head Great Khali style, I wouldn’t invest to much into it but we can agree he is gonna get his ass kicked.


  • Thanos gets some character growth to a flashback of a young Gamora holding Thano’s hand, which is then followed up with Thanos destroying the tesseract proving that thanos motives are not to just cause destruction but that he yearns for the power to gain back the favor of his daughter.


  • the money shot of this trailer is a bit weird with Spiderman and Dr Strange with some light hearted banter. I’m guessing this is a nod to the comic books cause it doesn’t make sense to have two secondary characters as your money shot when the trailer ended on a great note of Cap blocking thanos hand.


With just over a month until the movie is released, im sure all of you are just as excited as I am to see what this movie has in store and just what the future of the MCU will look like after its done. If you like what you read you can like and subscribe for more and to see reviews on other movies you can go to Instagram,Twitter, and letterboxd @cinemaflavor to see my other content.

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