Tomb Raider (2018)


Tomb raider is a live action adaption of the 2013 game of the same name. Following Lara Croft as she looks for her father after he mysteriously disappears seven years ago.


Tomb Raider has had an interesting past, in the early 90s the then popular game was one of the first times a women was given a lead role in a videogame and it’s also one of the few video game movies that isn’t completely reviled by it’s fanbase. The Angelina Jolie lead movie is a product of times, though not exactly a movie with a high rewatchability factor to it, it proves that there is way to make movie adapted from a game when it’s not so tied down by the source material. In 2013 Tomb Raider got a facelift and went from a campy male dominated fantasy to a grounded game about a women trying to survive the harsh environments after she gets stuck on a island. So when I saw they were making a movie based on the new games I was excited to see if this would do the game justice and whether the movie can give Lara a new look while also using the storyline to the game.


Alicia Vikander brings her own into the character while also keeping true the game idea of Croft. It’s nice to see a character with a depth to themselves, she isn’t this daredevil like the past iterations, Lara is pushed to survive the danger environments she is surrounded by on this island that require her to use her instincts and to even kill all to find her father. There is some solid camera work even for a movie that has a lot of running and jumping there is some very clever use of wide angle and long edits. More often then not a movie like this will lose its audiences with its “shaky” style.


Though the movie has great character building around Lara the same thing can’t be said with anyone else more importantly the antagonist of the film Vogel played by Walter Goggins and the company “Trinity” who are also seeking the same treasures Lara’s father is looking for. They felt like they were written into this movie at the last minute, since it’s never made clear why there also chasing the treasures Croft is looking for. Even Goggins who can prove he can be a villainous type of person in his past films is resorted to just a “bad guy with a gun” cliche. Most of this movie does lack an idea of where it wants to go, fortunately the game gives clear direction of what Trinity is up to,what Lara’s father was hiding, and why Lara is such an excellent marksman and survivor. However the movie does not and expects the audience to not only have played these games but to have understood them well.
Overall, this a solid movie that never gets boring and does bring the style of the game to life, but your better off just playing the video game for a better experience of Lara Croft and her counterparts. I’m going to give Tomb Raider a “C”, if you seen Tomb Raider what do you think of it and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more and you can also follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd to see my past reviews @cinemaflavor.

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