Pacific Rim:Uprising

Pacific Rim:Uprising is the sequel to the 2013 sort of hit “Pacific Rim”. Set ten years in the future the war between Jaeger’s and Kaiju’s is over but a new threat arrives and it’s much worse. Now it’s up to Jake Pentecost to avenge his fathers name and work and lead a team to save the world one more time.

Pacific Rim is loud,uproarious, fun it’s also extremely self aware, I mean c’mon any movie that has a mech suit beating up a monster with a ship in the streets of Hong Kong isn’t concerned about making the criterion collection. Like most original concepts it didn’t appeal to the mainstream audience so when a sequel was greenlit I was taken aback considered even the small “cult following” it gained over the last four years. This time around though everything this movie sets out to be isn’t the right direction to take this so called “franchise”. Every character in this movie is flat even with the copious amounts of backstory given to them. John Boyega who has proved to have a natural charm to him has his performance buried under an extremely cringey script coupled with Scott Eastwood who I swear hated his life having to film this movie.Cailee Spaeny who is the lead is actual quite good she has very little to her resume but holds her own, if anything she should get more work just for having to work through this screenplay. The highlight of every monster type of movie should be the fights,destruction,etc. and this movie can’t even get that right!!! the beginning fight looks like it was made by the same guys who made that giant robot that appears before NFL games, its CGI was so lackluster and that’s not even the worse part. This movie has two third acts. One that involves Charlie Day’s reveal of being the antagonist and using his brain link to the Kaiju’s to create these Zombie type of Jaegers and it takes up most of the third act but then another twenty minutes is dedicated to a group of Jaegers fighting one big Kaiju in Japan. Its obvious Steven Deknight(who has only directed individual episodes of shows like Daredevil) has inexperience with feature length films and its cut like a two story arc on a tv show. When a movie is that messy in structure isn’t it a no brainer to bring in someone much more competent to lead a movie this massive.

Do yourself a favor and just watch the first Pacific Rim if you want to be entertained, Pacific Rim:Uprising does no justice to the first movie and Steven Deknight proves that he should stick to directing tv shows instead. I’m going to give Pacific Rim: Uprising a “D-”. If you like what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Instagram, and Letterboxd @Cinemaflavor.

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