Ready Player One

Based of the novel by Ernest Cline “Ready Player One” dives into the “The Oasis” a VR based world where players can create their own avatars and choose the way they approach the games inside of it, but when the creator of the oasis lays out a challenge of whoever finds the three keys will own Oasis. When the evil 101 what’s to find it to get it’s riches, it’s up to Wade Watts to find it before they do.


Everyone has some nostalgic feelings for Steven Spielberg’s work, whether it be in the 80s with his blockbusters like Indiana Jones or E.T., The 90s with Jurassic Park or even in early 2000s with something like War of the worlds, You no doubt have enjoyed his movies. In his latter years though, Spielberg like anyone else has lost his creative “fastball”, after many years of directing his current work is nowhere as memorable as his previous work is. Still Spielberg has been trying his hand at the blockbuster genre again. Trying to reclaim the magic that everyone knows him for. Does Ready Player One succeed in that? Well let’s find out.


I’m not one to go to 3D screenings I have very little appeal for them, but my theater was pushing pretty hard for it even making half the screenings they were showing on Thursday and Friday 3D. So I gave it a shot and it’s very much worth it, about three minutes in I forgot I had those glasses on it makes that VR effect that more engulfing. The race scene that’s in the trailer was so much fun to watch with the 3D effect there were long stretches were there wasn’t a cut and the camera use meshes well with the 3D that I felt like I was on a ride for that whole sequence. Most of the CGI in this is very nice to look at, it’s never to rubbery and even the practical stuff with IOI kept it fresh. Which was a nice relief considering the first trailer had some really bad CGI which made me think this production was rushed, however that isn’t the case and the final product looks very nice.


Whether you’ve read the book or just seen the promo for this movie, you know this movie is full of Easter eggs and the movie truly delivers on that part all throughout it there are characters new and old all over the movies it’s hard to list them all. There is a sequence in this movie that heavily pays tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” where you can tell the characters were walking on a physical set of the Overlook Hotel that I knew had to take forever to digitally stitch the characters in that attention detail was definitely my favorite but there is still plenty of other ones to see in this even a battle in the third act where a battle of many monsters and collide, it’s incredibly fun to watch.


Ready Player One plays out more like a ride, calling back to better movies most of the time but never flushing out the characters it has at hand. There are some characters especially Wade Watts friends that never get a proper back story as well as his love interest “Artemis” thats teased to have this Rebellion but it never comes to fruition. As far as character development there is little that is dedicated to anyone else other then Watts himself.
Overall you can enjoy this movie highly if you treat it like an amusement ride. What Ready Player One really lacks is that signature “heart” that is always so common in all of Spielberg’s movies, but I think it’s not surprising that Spielberg may have lost a step or two in his age and many years behind the camera. Still this movie has all the other qualities that is he known for. The incredible attention to detail when it comes to practical sets and machinery, the scale of characters and land sets, even the comedy is bright and cheery. I’m going to give this movie a “B+”. If you saw Ready Player One what did you think of it? Also you like what you read like and subscribe for more. Follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd @cinemaflavor.

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