Based off the Nintendo 64 video game of the same name, “Rampage” follows three animals a Gorilla,Wolf,and a Crocodile after their DNA has been edited to turn them into giant mutated monsters but when the evil company “Engyne” is about to be exposed to the FBI for there mad scientist projects, they lure the monsters into the city to destroy everything including all there evidence.


I’m going to be honest I’ve never played the videogame that this movie is based off even when looking at video of it I don’t think I’ve even seen it. I’m still aware that the game itself is nothing more than a “smash em up” type of game and a movie about it would have that vibe, plus with Brad Peyton behind the wheel You can’t expect a movie like this to be a Oscar contender. Still this movie is bland! Filled with characters that make no impact on the movie, over utilized exposition, antagonists that I swear are so cliche I half expected them to be sitting in a lounge chair in a dimly lit room stroking a small animal. Summer blockbusters like this can be fun but when it’s wasted on trying to shell out screen time with Dwayne Johnson and gigantic monsters something’s gotta give. The third act to this movie is so nauseating, jammed to the brim with destruction that you’ve already seen in other sequences, yet for some reason the third act still has to be filled with bass rumbling destruction that entails the army focusing all there fire power on these animals even though they know bullets and missiles haven’t done anything against them for the last hour. Still they keep shooting because…..it’s fun to look at? Last year King Kong came out around this time and comparing it to that this is actually better. Dwayne Johnson proves he has movie star power, with a god awful screenplay like this he works his charisma into a character that has none. Whereas I couldn’t tell you anything about anyone in King Kong.
If you’re looking at seeing a blockbuster this weekend do yourself a favor and go see “A Quiet Place” or just wait for Avengers in two weeks cause this isn’t worth an admission ticket. I’m going to give Rampage a “D”. If you enjoy what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Letterboxd,and Instagram @cinemaflavor to see my thoughts on other movies in the past.

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