Flavored Rants:Five movies I’m looking forward to this summer!

Summer season at a theater is always an exciting time! Every weekend has a blockbuster as the battle for the weekend ensues between monolith movie studios looking to take the box office crown while smaller studios release there indie gems hoping to find a crowd in the summer masses. Looking at the movie release schedule, I highlighted some movies I’m looking forward to seeing in the next couple of months so I narrowed down my top 5 coming out in the summer (I’m counting the summer from May to August just to avoid confusion). I’m also going to get technical and not count Infinity War as aummer movie since it opens in April(*shrugs shoulders* hey it would be to obvious as a number one anyways).


  1. Hereditary

Summertime surprisingly has a good track record with horror movies. It comes at night,Lights outs,and the conjuring films are just a few titles that having gotten summertime releases, double that track record with A24’s streak of great horror films and we could be looking at a small hit on our hands.


  1. Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom

Do I think the first Jurassic World a nostalgic cash grab? Yes. Do I think this movie is also going to be a cash grab to the cash grab? Yes. Am I still going to see it on a Thursday evening? Hell yes! Myself just like most people have a soft spot for dinosaurs and couple that with Jeff Goldblum’s return as Dr. Malcolm! Of course i’m going to see this, so take my money Universal!


Marvel,star wars and reboots of 80s and 90s tv shows/movies will reign supreme this summer and while it’s exciting to see sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the action and the crowds for at least a weekend. “Thank for smoking” and “Juno” director Jason Reitman is at that helm, known for his summer indie films, the trailer had enough charm to it that I had to put it high on my list.


  1. Deadpool 2

I think my excitement for deadpool lies in the possible fact this may be the last time we see the “Mirk with the mouth” in a R rated setting. The Disney/Fox deal could reach an agreement by the end of this year, Disney I’m sure will continue the X force series but with a lack of individuality and my gut tells me with a lean PG-13 rating.


  1. Incredibles 2

The long awaited (seriously we’ve been waiting) sequel to the 2006 classic(truest statement ever) Incredibles is finally here! Pixar has been on top of their game over the last few years and it’s exciting they’ve used that momentum to do a sequel to the “Incredibles”. The real downside I see happening is that this movie can join the list of Pixar sequels that haven’t been as good. Factoring in that risk i’m still going to put my all my chips in on “Incredibles 2” as the movie I’m most looking forward to this summer.


What movies are you looking forward to this summer? Leave a comment with your list or just one movie you have on the docket, and as always if you like what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Instagram,Letterboxd @cinemaflavor for more content.

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