Avengers:Infinity War


When the Mighty Thanos comes to earth looking for the Infinity Stones, it’s up to the MCU to stop him from collecting all six stones, however they’ll find how challenging that will be when Thanos and his children have a reputation for laying waste to anyone who stands in there way.


Disney/Marvel has been building This universe for ten years. Laying out a blueprint that many other studios have tried to duplicate and have not come close to the results. Disney has spending copious amounts of time building characters and places that fans have put a lot of emotional investment into so when it was finally time for “something” or “someone” to put an end to this universe, no doubt all of those who have put the time into this universe are going to feel the emotional toll. Which the Russo’s deserve all the credit for alone on how this movie starts. I felt the air get sucked out of the room, it didn’t have that nice illuminous montage that starts each movie instead it’s a simple marvel studios with a voice on a radio calling for help and one of Thanos children stepping over the bodies of the asgardians monologuing about Thanos, as they have ransacked the ship Thor and his people escaped in “Ragnarok”. It’s such a cold and dark way to open a movie. Which is followed by a fight with Thanos and Hulk that used some great wide angle and kept the cuts longer. It’s by far the best fight scene I’ve seen in a Marvel movie. Some of the team ups in the movie were fantastic you see some of them in the trailer but it’s nowhere as exciting as the final product. I felt myself getting wide eyed when characters I was hoping to see interact with each other (bucky and rocket being The best one don’t @ me) and fight side by side. The full team doesn’t get together as it’s still broken up in a few sequences, yet the team ups are my favorite part of the movie. Kevin Feige has promised a crossover for a few years now and he knocks it out of the park.


“Destiny still arrives…” Thanos after all the dust settles certainly can go pound for pound in a debate about being best villain ever. His screen time, matched with Josh Brolin performance is enthralling he leaves a trail of destruction and how just about everyone is afraid of him, he looms over this movie and yet his motivation aren’t fully I’ll willed he isn’t your generic “take over the world” villain we’ve seen way to many times. There is some logic to His actions. His children on the other hand are just screen filler there just as bland as the Chitauri army in the first Avengers, they have a cool design and that’s about where there appeal ends.


I feel like the emotion and death that happens in this movie cover up the sloppy paced and mcguffins that are scattered throughout the movie. A lot comes from the laundry list of characters that are fighting for screen time there is way to much jumping from place to place and plot set up to plot set up from Thor Getting his Axe, the Wakanda fight, to the rushed journey of Thanos getting all these stones(one of them he gets off screen). I will give credit that the third act isn’t to bloated, but resorts to spreading around the fight to other parts of the movies that are nothing more then quick cuts and shaky camera antics that I’ve grown tired of in all these movies, it seems for every well shot “Thanos vs Hulk” sequence, there are four other fights that are as sloppy as the pacing. If you haven’t already seen the movie, I probably have spoiled some things, but I’m gonna go into topic about the end so here’s your Warning for SPOILERS. The last ten minutes when half the team are disaggregating, I mean there not dead….right?  Some of those that “died” already have sequels to there standalones that are already greenlit. When Avengers 4 comes out on sure it’ll go into detail about what happened, even with my doubts about the ending, It was still heartbreaking to watch half the team go including Spiderman. Only the members of the Avengers that were in the first movie lived, I’m curious how that’ll play out in the next movie.
“Infinity War” is a high ride and going to be a staple of the summer season. I’m going to give Avengers:Infinity War a “B+”. If you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more. Also follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd to see other movies I’ve reviewed.

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