Jason Reitman tackles the challenges of motherhood and mental illness in his charming yet still grimy look into a women’s life after she has given birth to her third child and needs some extra help when her brother hires her a night nanny. But when she yearns for her old life that she sees in this young nanny she gets to attached her and soon creates a friendship with this girl that might not be so healthy.


I always look forward to these smaller budget films in the summer. It’s a nice break from all the crowds and activity that summer tentpole movies bring, especially with “Infinity War” still playing strong in theaters. Tully has all the charm I look forward to in a Reitman/Cody movie yet the movie isn’t always light hearted, being a parent can be hard and take its toll not just on the body but the reputation of keeping up with two small children and having to spend countless nights with a newborn which this movie has a sequence that gave me a lot of anxiety and made me want to hug my mom just knowing she went through that for probably a couple of weeks. Not to worry though there is still some pretty brisk pacing and comedy a lot of it coming from Charlize Theron’s reaction to the world around her and how she handles those who treat her like she should “lighten up”. It’s rare you see a comedy that makes the focus not on motherhood itself, but how different women handle it. It’s makes it much more personal since any women watching the movie can relate to Charlize since the parts it makes light of parenthood are those who are around you treating you either the same or different for having a kid.


Once the the actual nanny shows up and Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis start interacting, it’s golden the back and forth they have with one another. Both yearn to have each other’s lives Charlize wishes to have that spontaneous youth again and Davis wishes to have her life “figured out”. It’s almost mother and daughter like how they work there life differences aside. The ending was what got me all happy, so much I tweeted after I saw the movie that “it’s why I love movies so much” it’s a curveball that you see coming but still bite on once it comes, all the clues are there and yet I still got wide eyed when it came. I’m not going to spoil it since I want everyone to go out and see this.
I loved this movie! There is still some originality left in the world of cinema you just gotta go look for it. Tully is going to be on my favorites list at the end of the year (at least I hope so the year is still young). It’s potential might live in VOD and Blu Ray sales but for now if you see this screening in your theater take advantage of it since it’s shelf life might be abruptly cut short once “Deadpool” and “Solo” March into theaters. I’m going yo give Tully an “A”, if you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd to see my earlier reviews and content.

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