Deadpool 2

Everyone’s favorite need with a mouth is back! The sequel to the 2016 surprise hit follows Wade Wilson aka “Deadpool” stopping the time traveling cyborg “Cable” from killing a mutant child named Russell who in the future kills Cable’s family. Now it’s up to Deadpool to stop Cable and Russell from destroying each other and mankind.


The last couple of years when it comes to Superhero action/adventure have for the most part been following the same process there exciting to get hyped up for, then they come and there just “ok” solid enough to be memorable but are also so basic that after I’ve seen them i’m ready to see what’s next. It gets so dreary that none of these movies do anything differently at least until Deadpool arrived and changed up the genre by bringing a raunchy, no holds barred comedy aspect to the genre making for a movie that i’ve rewatched a handful of times since then.


Looking at this movie as a pure comedy it exceeded all expectations I had going in. I was dying at the opening montage with Deadpool killing these henchman with Dolly Partons single “9 to 5” playing over the top of the movie, given the source material at hand there was definitely going to be a lot if gory violence,swearing,and nudity yet the movie is still clever in how it delivers on those elements, fight scenes bask in baddies getting there kind and organs slashed apart even a sequence that involves the X-force that will have you howling with how over the top bloody it is. The writing this time is much more clever and heavily relies on the back and forth between Deadpool and Cable, Which might I add that Josh Brolin is the perfect straight man to the wise cracking Ryan Reynolds. The duo create such good chemistry that if there is a third Deadpool, Brolin has to come for the sake of humanity. Colossus and Negasonic teenage Warhead return but take a backseat to new comers like Domino and Russell so if you were hoping to see Negasonic and Wade play off each other it’s only done in small sequences, really the X-men arc in this movie is almost non existent, which may comes as a bummer to those who actually thought Hugh Jackman would show up in one of these movies.


I always have a problem with third acts in movies especially in superhero movies. There way to drawn out and can become tedious very quickly and Deadpool is no exception to the rule, it does get long in the tooth with a bit that stopped being funny after a few seconds, it does however give us a look at what a X-force Deadpool costume looks like. Fortunately the end credits will have your ribs hurting with ridiculous it treats some of the other X-men movies and even some personal choices of Ryan Reynolds.
Deadpool may just turn out to be the top hit this summer I know it’s a bit early but going off what else releases this summer it certainly has the legs to go toe to toe with the other few blockbusters in the coming months. I’m going to give Deadpool an “A”. If you enjoyed what you read please like and subscribe for more and follow my blog on Instagram,twitter,and Letterboxd to see my past reviews and my thoughts on certain movie news.

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