Solo: A Star Wars story


Disney continues it’s annual tradition of releasing a Star Wars movie every year. This time around we get a look at the origins of Han Solo as he joins a group of smugglers who need to repay a debt to the Crimson Dawn. Han meets some familiar faces along the way as he grows from a naive pilot to swashbuckling smuggler.


*sigh* I’ve let this movie brew in my mind for the last two days, callbacking to to key moments and set ups to side stories I’ve heard about since I was a little kid watching the original trilogy on a old beat up VHS tape. Hans,Lando,and Chewies “new” origin was going to be a sensitive topic rewriting lore is always a touchy subject mostly with fans and honestly…this movie does no justice to any of them.


When Solo had a switch with directors Ron Howard took over when Lorde & Miller my biggest thing was how the tone was going to switch and whether or not both movies would have a ideas and tone that would of crashed into each other it’s happened to many other movies the most recent one being “Justice League”, yet it seems just the opposite is the problem this movie has nothing interesting going on with it other then some nice cinematography and a lot of Practical effects. Ron Howard thoroughly tries to break new ground with the same old “paint by the numbers” method of action scenes where main characters like Chewie or Han are running away from an explosion or Tie fighters and it got boring very quickly adding very little to any of their characters, while rushing to introduce what would be iconic things like Han seeing the Falcon for the first time, or that cringey WWE match between Han and Chewie. The movie never lets things settle that otherwise need to. What I’m going to say next could be construed as hateful toward the feminist crowd and by no means do I hate feminism or strong women it’s just social stands don’t belong in Star Wars. The droid L3-37 is nothing more then that mouthing off about equal rights and just being downright annoying  it takes you right out of the movie and is a pulsating headache throughout the film.


The positive things that I enjoyed about the movie always came in little stretches or glimpses. The game of Sabak between Han and Lando felt right cutting back and forth to each other trying to out charisma each other was a nice touch that moves along very nicely, for lack of a better term it feels very “Star Wars”. Actually anything in the second act was the highlight of the movie. Tobias Beckett and his crew had such high potential, it’s ends so abruptly though that I can’t imagine anyone will remember them, but if we could of had just like fifteen more minutes of them in this movie they would feel much more flushed out and could of been as memorable as the episode movies have. Now this a pretty major SPOILER so you’ve been warned. When Qi’ra contacts the person Crimson Dawn is working under and it turns out to be Darth Maul I lost my mind! I didn’t expect it and for a second really thought it was going to the emperor, but because I saw this in a empty theater it really didn’t help the cause, it’s not the movies fault it just fell flat except the other dude who lost his mind to shout out to him whoever you were. It does leave the question though, will there be a sequel? The movie is set ten years before we see Han in A New Hope and as far as he knows Qi’ra helped him and the I guess name drop of Jabba at the end was also a nod of Han working for him later on. But much more importantly where does that leave Qi’ra? there is no mention of here in the OT trilogy or even Some of the newer projects like Rebels or Forces of destiny and if she is working with Maul how long does that work out? Since we see Maul die in Rebels. I’m not sure what it could all mean, but with just a 103 million dollar opening on a long Memorial day weekend, a sequel could be DOA.
Overall I was let down by this movie, it’s nothing more than a few nods to more invested fans. You can easily wait to see this during a matinee screening in the next couple of weeks or even just wait to rent this on Google Play or Amazon in a few months, if your somewhat curious to see this. I’m going to give Solo: A Star Wars Story a “C-”. If you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more and as always follow me on Twitter,Instagram and Letterboxd @cinemaflavor to see past reviews and my thoughts on current movie news and topics.

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