When Anne loses her mother she soon uncovers the many secrets she kept from her, dumbfounded by the things she thinks she finds out about her mother, Anne then goes to grief sessions were she meets a friend who helps her connect with the dead but when she digs a little deep into her family heritage and her new friends hobby she’ll soon find out what damage she has done to herself and the horrors that she has unknowingly brought upon her family.


A24 knows two things; drama and horror, whoever runs the decisions to greenlit and pick directors is genius! Where do you even find someone to handle a movie like this, and how do you settle on someone who has never directed a full length movie before, that’s some Bill Belichick level of scouting. Ari Aster has a potential classic on his hands, what helps get it that title is people are finally on board with “slow burn horror” (I’m not sure if that’s a sub genre yet but it really needs to be). What also makes this so superior as a horror movie is the mainstream audience is now paying attention to a indie film this. I’m not sure if it was the trailer that caught everyone’s eye, or that the trailer played in front of almost every movie this year(even in front of a kids movie apparently), either way the response from both critics and regular moviegoers alike has been positive.


I was surprised by how much I enjoyed almost every performance,especially from Toni Collette I mean she really put herself into this role, just from what her character goes through the entire movie while also switching between two personalities subtly should be enough to get her considered for some Oscar gold. I know it’s way too early to start thinking about contenders and of course the academy themselves tend to thumb their noses at the horror genre, even with all that aside with a role as tragic and personal as this one is she kills it! I haven’t said much about the movie only because it’s hard to speak in detail about it without giving away spoilers. I will say there is a moment’s where sequences will get uncomfortable to look at and Aster lets it linger all throughout the movie. You get that cringe that makes your legs shake, you’ll walk out of this movie not feeling well, feeling like you just watched actual people go through some horrific suffering. The ending though is up in the air for me the more I think about it the more I’m still not quite on board with it. Strictly on how quickly it jumps into a new gear, almost like it turns into a new movie, even though there’s was hints throughout the movie that the ending would be like that, it I’m still not sure if it fell completely in place for me.
If your even a casual fan if the horror genre please go see this! Movies like this only come every couple decades and you don’t wanna be the person who saw this years later, Plus I guarantee everyone you know is gonna do that snapping their tongue on the roof of there mouth and nobody wants to not be in on a inside joke right? I’m going to give Hereditary an “A”. If you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more and as always follow me on Instagram,Twitter,and Letterboxd to see past reviews and my thoughts on recent movie news and topics.

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